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Gor ~ The City of Port Olni The Citadel of Port Olni. The Traditional Rules of Roleplay apply here. 1 en-en
Asperiche This is Gor. 0 en-en
Axe Glacier Hold Axe Glacier Hold. 18+ only. Gorean rp room 0 English
Gor-Thentis Gorean home Thentis, a majestic city high in the mountains of Thentis. Currently located at The Summerfield-Pontius Black Wine Plantation, No Zone 0 English
Gor - Port Kar This is Gor. You are accountable for your own actions. No Zones. Find out more 0 English
Gor - Traveling wagon of The Brokerage House Gor - safe zones for now 0 en-en
The Gorean Frontier Gor. 0 en-en
The Island of Helisto on Gor *** A hunt on Helisto *** The Island of Helisto is situated midst a cluster of islands close to the equator, its nearest neighbour is the island of Tabor to the North-East (Ror), and the nearest mainland town is Bazi, 400 pasang to the east across the Thassa. Helisto Group ... 0 English

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