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Axe Glacier Hold Axe Glacier Hold. 18+ only. Gorean rp room 0 English
Gor Phelan Memorial Hospital of the Plains Sanctuary ( Safe zone, no hammers, no bans) Phelan Memorial Hospital & Respite Center of the Plains 0 English
Gor Voltai Mountains Home Gor. Home, lands, office of the Scribe, Lady Kyrielle. Location : headwaters of the Upper Fayeen river, foothills of the Voltai Mountains. Zone = be polite, be respectful. I will be the same. 0 English
Gor ~ The City of Port Olni The Citadel of Port Olni. The Traditional Rules of Roleplay apply here. 0 en-en
The Island of Helisto on Gor Planting Feast of Sa Tarna 0 English

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