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Axe Glacier Hold Axe Glacier Hold. 18+ only. Gorean rp room 0 English
Gor Phelan Memorial Hospital of the Plains Sanctuary ( Safe zone, no hammers, no bans) Phelan Memorial Hospital & Respite Center of the Plains 0 English
Gor Voltai Mountains Home East of the Thassa, West of the Winds. There you'll find the Voltai Mountains Home and lands of the Scribe, Lady Kyrielle. Located at the headwaters of the Upper Fayeen River, extending well into the foothills of the Voltai Mountains. Slaves not wanted nor welcome here. 0 English
Gor ~ The City of Port Olni The Citadel - The Traditional Rules of Roleplay apply here. 0 en-en
The Island of Helisto on Gor Just hanging around 0 English
The Retreat Home of Savage 0 en-en
Crystal Falls 18+ only Deep in the Northern Forest ... a dwelling owned by the Trapper Kohen and His slave uni where trapping is their way of life. 1 en-en

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