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The Lobby [style ff:Arial;co:#0000FF;b;]Welcome old and new chatters to Buzzen. Please enjoy your stay !(f) [/style] 17 English
!!!! Open Minded !!!! [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;] Come join our room, meet a great bunch of awesome people! We (L) and support our (Sz) Dj's (DJS) 76 English
40s_2 We may be approaching middle age but WE ROCK! 16+ 39 English
NO STRINGS ATTACHED [style ff:tahoma;co:white;b;bgco:000099;] (*)~HAPPY~INDEPENDENCE~DAY~(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) (*) (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)[style][style ff:tahoma;co:white;b;bgco:FF0033;](*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)   (*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*) 30 en-en
Trivia all hours (gbf)(r*)(gbf)(r*)(gbf)(r*)(gbf)(r*)(gbf)(r*)[br][br][style bgco:#F47d4a;co:#FFFFFF;b;]Twisted Trivia v2.01(rl)(danger)IQ Increase alert[br][style bgco:#e1215b;co:#FFFFFF;b;]Weekly Reset + privilege VIP for champion.[br][style bgco:#00d2ad;co:#FFFFFF;b;]Over 100k unique questions & Multi bonus rounds8-|.[br][br][style bgco:#008dcb;co:#FFFFFF;b;]Our new champion: (dp)(mkd) 1: ༻♔DI💞༺ ( 9882525 ) [br] 27 English
!Politics Without Borders! [style ff:Trebuchet MS;co:#F70D1A;b;][br][br]Welcome to the United States of America, a Russian Federation protectorate.[br][br][br] 26 English
Politics Friends and Faith Italy warns EU: ‘We are no longer the refugee camp of the world’ “The next goal of stopping once and for all the mafia of human trafficking, will be to bring the migrants back to their places of origin,” Salvini said. 22 English
~teri's Dirty Minded~ [style co:#FFFFFF;b;i;][style bgco:#F5A9BC;]                                   Teri's Dirty Minded!!!!                                   [/style][br] [br][style bgco:#FE2E64;]                        Adults Only Allowed In The Asylum                       [/style][br] [br][style bgco:#0404B4;]        All Dirty Minded Adults Are Welcome To Come Join Us      [/style] enter topic” 14 en-en
~~~TRIVIA~~~ WE support (sz)[style co:#06DCFB ;b;u;bgco:#003300;] WELCOME TO AMAZING ~~~TRIVIA~~~(r*)(r*) ~~~WHERE OLD AND NEW FRIENDS MEET AND GREET(r*)(r*)~~~Come right in and meet some amazing players we are open 24/7(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)[style co:#D9F3FF ;b;u;bgco:#0000ff;] ({) (r*)Hall of Fame Congratulations to all the winners ({) (r*)laptopjunque(r*)mcwright69 (r*)Rose(r*)phil59(r*) woodstockchic(r*)Buffy361(r*)elusive_butterfly(r*) Foghorn1961(r*)ssw (r*)salinas(r*)(}) 13 English
America! LoveIt-HateIt! DebateIt! [br][br][style co:#CC0033;b;]Cong. Cohen (TN) says Strzok 'deserves a Purple Medal' and after the Helsinki Summit he asks; "where is our US Military re: 'treasonous president?' You want to know what is really treasonous? A sitting US Congressman advocating a military coup in his own country. Debate It! [br][br][br] 10 English
!!Triviaholics Anon!! Trivia and more 18+ Come and join friends old and new 7 English
*TWISTEDFRENZY* Welcome to *TWISTEDFRENZY* Scramble Frenzy is here 25/8. Come on in and play a round or two. We hope you enjoy your visit. 7 English
Chat Chicago [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#0000FF;b;](pi) Welcome To Chat Chicago (pi) [/style] 7 English
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Twits [style ff:Tahoma;co:#ffffff;b;bgco:FC4F1D;]WELCOME TO TWITS[/style][br][style ff:Tahoma;co:#ffffff;b;bgco:#5656C2;]FREE TEA/COFFEE/SCONES/HAGGIS[/style][br][style ff:Tahoma;co:#ffffff;b;bgco:#FC4F1D;]POLEDANCING[/style][br][style ff:Tahoma;co:#ffffff;b;bgco:#F5CB49;]ENTER AT OWN RISK[/style] 6 English
Chat Seattle [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#0000FF;b;](tm) Welcome To Chat Seattle (tm) [/style] 6 English
IRCommunity (cscene)(cscene)(cscene)[br][style ff:Tahoma;co:#333333;b;]➤ Get help with ALL aspects of Buzzen IRC[br]➤ From beginner to advanced help available [br]➤ Supports and[br]➤ Latest RSS feeds from all major scripting sites[br]➤ Support Forum and Downloads provided freely[br](cscene)(cscene)(cscene) 6 English
I AM Borg (borg)(cscene)(cscene)(cscene)(borg)[br](borg) [style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#084B8A;b;i;]                                       We are the borg                                        [/style] (borg)[br](borg) [style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#088A08;b;i;]                                You will be Assimilated                                  [/style] (borg)[br](borg) [style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#FF0000;b;i;]                                  Resistance is futile                                        [/style] (borg)[br]          6 English
KewL Friends Trivia Without a doubt, the weirdest room on the net (CAUTION: may contain nuts!!) 6 English
OutKast.FM Radio [style ff:Comic Sans yellow;co:#820BBB;b;]Welcome to OutKast.FM. Home Of The Dragon.[style ff:Comic Sans bold black;co:#039099;] Sit Down, Kick Your Shoes Off, And Enjoy The Tunes. [style ff:Comic Sans yellow;co:#00688b;b;]Join the music at 6 English
Scripters World [style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#B40431;b;i;]    Idlers welcome,mIRC Related help - forum [style bgco:#0080FF;][/style]    [br][br]    How long before I get in?    [br]    Before it starts, before I begin?    [br]    How long before you decide?    6 English
SizzleRadio Chat [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;](dr)(r)GAY, LGBT, STR8, Everyone Welcome. Hang Out With Us & Tune Into SizzleRadio. In Memory Of (f)(f)(l) Leigh Lay (l)(f)(f) (gu)[/style][br][br]                                                             (sz)            [br][br] 6 English
The Pineapple Hut [style ff:Arial;co:#d20404;b;](ip)🍍(#)Welcome(#)🍍(ip) To The Pineapple Hut An adult room/18+ only, no exceptions. [style ff:Arial;co:#000000;b;] We support (sz) We have the weather bot too! Please Enjoy ya stay because we know you will be back🍍(ip) 5 en-en
!!!!!!!! mens steam room !!!!!!!!! must be 18 or order to join the room and male only Welcome to men room.This is an adult only, chat-room.You must be 18 years of age or older to chat in this room.Your age is required in your profile.We do not permit guests.Hot and cold buffet served daily and open bar to must be 21 or order to enter in to the bar :) have a good daY 4 en-en
EspressoBar [style ff:Arial;co:#FF0000;b;]This is the Espressobar. Chat at your own risk![/style] 3 English
HywaysByHedgesBethel†Chapel Welcome Bethel Chapel Online for prayer, any time 24/7-†-Worship & Sprit Check our our Web Cite>> see u in the Rapture Evangelist Eula Grissom 3 English
aol ebony40 Any Topic is welcome. Just be respectful of others. 2 English
Gor~Central Fire Tuchuk Camp~ Summer Camp Southeast of Turia. Safe zone, outriders patrol camp during the day, sleen handlers during the night 2 English
IRCwx Cafe IRCwx protocol, server, webchat, Saber, and Viperbot development and general chat! All Welcome![br]Latest Saber update (22-Feb-2014): 2 English
Westeros Game of Thrones Discussion. Plots, twists turns and characters. 2 English
·K·I·N·K· [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;]·[/style]Kind[style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;]·[/style]Inclusive[style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;]·[/style]Naked[style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;]·[/style]Knowledge[style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;]·[/style] 2 English
50s Edge 50s Chat on the Edge! 1 English
Friendly Fun and Food Chat (c) Welcome to the Friendly Fun and Food Chat room(c) relax enjoy your visit, we share recipes and just have a good time, Give Kitten, Heather, Ripley a hug as they do a great job here. :) visit our food site at (usf) 1 en-en
Gay Bi Guys Australia [style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#FF0033;b;] Welcome to Gay/Bi Guys Australia. R18+ Chat. A Safe Haven For: Otters - Wolves[/style] - [style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#CC3333;b;] Bears - Cubs - Chubs - Pups � Bulls - [style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#FFCC33;b;] Twinks - Twunks - Gym Bunnies - Jocks - [/style] [style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#336600;b;] Circuit Boys - Gay Listers - Show Queens - Art Fags [/style] - [style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#3300FF;b;] Drag Queens - Daddies - Daddy Chasers - Gipsters - Muscle Daddies. [/style] [style ff:Georgia;co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#9900FF;b;] Come on in and make new friends, find a date, chat about everyday issues. VOTE: YES For Marriage Equality for Australia (cau) 1 English
Johnnys bar a friendly pub to relax enjoy a beverage 1 English
Parlor Chat [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#0066FF;b;] Where good friends meet. [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#330000;b;] Where silliness,insanity and fun are encouraged. [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0600;b;] Welcome to Parlor Chat! [br] [br] 1 English
!!!No Judgment!!! [style ff:Arial Black;co:#000000;b;] A Place where your never judged or bullied for who you are.[/style][style ff:Arial Black;co:#FF0000;b;] Must be 18+ Also saddly we do not allow guest names![/style][style ff:Arial Black;co:#000000;b;] Everyone is welcome no matter sexuality, Sex or background.[/style][style ff:Arial Black;co:#FF0000;b;] We protect everyone in our room as one big family.[/style][style ff:Arial Black;co:#000000;b;] Most Nights we hang in (sz) chat huge supporters of them!![/style][style ff:Arial Black;co:#FF0000;b;] Be yourself and Enjoy real convos with out bullies!![/style] 0 en-en
!!! Ripped Stockingz !!! Welcome to Ripped Stockingz!! Almost anything goes! NO racism, NO douchebaggery, NO worries!! Come on in and please enjoy your stay! Join our Buzzen Group @ 0 English
"Humms Peaceful Retreat" Welcome Lets discuss spirits, paranormal experiences and some readings 0 English
50s Bistro (r*)~# Join Laine, Maddy, and AB for fun, friendly, and drama-free chat with great hosts and chatters! |w(r*) 0 English
Argentum A small Gorean City known for its Silver Mines. 0 en-en
Chat Miami [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#0000FF;b;](ip) Welcome To Chat Miami (ip) [/style] 0 English
Emidio's Rock Den ROCK 0 English
GenHaven Family Genealogy Chatroom Finding lost relatives you never knew you had 0 English
Going Dutch Openminded Chat in Dutch and/or English. It can be 18+ Lets talk Hagelslag en Groningen! 0 English
Gor-Thentis Thentis, the Gorean majestic lands tucked in the Mountains of Thentis. Known for the Tarnsman, Tarn Flocks, Black Wine beans, and the beautiful Veminium wild flowers. 0 en-en
Gor Voltai Mountains Home Gorean home and lands at the headwaters of the Upper Fayeen River 0 en-en
Info Wars 15 [br] Username: Buzzen Password: buzzenfree [br]Also check out these live radio streams [br][br] [br] [br] 0 English
JanicesRoom Chat is for cross dressers, but all are welcome here 0 en-en

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