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~~~TRIVIA~~~ [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0000;b;]✿❀✿✾✽★ All Welcome To The Amazing Angels㋡Trivia, .★ NEW FRIENDS ARE WELCOME★ We Have Been Running 17 Years Strong ★ Betting "Steal" "loan me a mill". We Are Open 24 Hours A Day, Congratulations to last week's winners and players ★★» phil59 ★★» laptopjunque★ waitlist ★ wanttoplay1 ★ ♫♩♪Celtie♫♩♬ ★ Jbear90★ ★ Baxter ★Plain€ash4‡ ★ScottieLoo ★ÐBȻøøpɇr ★★ 8 English
Parlor Chat [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#0066FF;b;] Where good friends meet. [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#330000;b;] Where silliness,insanity and fun are encouraged. [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0600;b;] Welcome to Parlor Chat! [br] [br] Please read the welcome note upon entering as it will inform you when room owner will be present for chat. Thank you! 0 English

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