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!Politics Without Borders! [style ff:Trebuchet MS;co:#F70D1A;b;][br][br]How refreshing is it, to have am inauguration speech that doesn’t focus on AMERICAN CARNAGE.[br][br][br] 18 English
Politics_Friends_and Faith Biden’s baggage: Hunter 13 English
America! LoveIt-HateIt! DebateIt! [br][br][style co:#CC0033;b;] Halt Keystone pipeline, stop border wall, strengthen sanctuary cities, extend student loan grace period, pause evictions, preserve DACA, rejoin WHO, stop Muslim focused travel ban. Already on day 1 Biden proved Trump was a better president. Debate It! [br][br][br] 4 English
Info Wars 15 [br] Username: Buzzen Password: buzzenfree [br]Also check out these live radio streams [br][br] [br] [br] 0 English
News Without Karens (or Kens) and Personal Threats and today, we celebrate the great American tradition of silencing and subjugating half of the entire Nation 0 English
Yodas President Biden stopped construction of the wall along the border with Mexico deeming it a waste of money. Biden will also shore up the Obama-era program that shielded younger illegal aliens from deportation. Day one he signed an executive order directing federal agencies to deliver plans to address barriers to advancement as well as mandating the Office of Management and Budget to more equitably allocate federal resources to communities of color (blatant racism). IT STARTS ! "America first" is under attack on day one ! 0 English

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