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Politics Friends and Faith Trump Made Pelosi, Dems 'Look Like Fools' Last Week, MSNBC Host Admits – NOTE: Correction! Pelosi and the Dems made themselves look like fools. Pelosi revealed her hand in the face of a generous deal Dems had previously said they wanted: open government and give DACA people a path for the next 3 years. By refusing to come to the bargaining table, Pelosi proves she doesn't give 2 rips about the 800K unpaid workers nor DREAMers. However, she is interested in hurting the President and ultimately the country. If there ever were any doubt Dems put politics before people, it's been removed. Pirro to Pelosi: ‘Are You Working for Americans or Illegals … or Is It That You Don’t Give a Damn?’ 25 English
America! LoveIt-HateIt! DebateIt! [br][br][style co:#CC0033;b;] Dim Cong. Yarmuth is calling for a federal ban on teenagers wearing M AG A hats. Banning hats?? Catholic HS students at the Lincoln Memorial, some with a MAGA hat were being harassed by those approaching them and taunting them with anti gay slurs. They did not incite or fuel the incident. When will the media start reporting facts and not hype? Debate It! [br][br][br] 5 English
Info Wars 15 [br] Username: Buzzen Password: buzzenfree [br]Also check out these live radio streams [br][br] [br] [br] 0 English
!Politics Without Borders! [style ff:Trebuchet MS;co:#F70D1A;b;][br][br]”No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet.”[br][br][br] 27 English

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