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msteezcofffeespot Hello 0 English
Mystical Visions A place where old and new friends gather for spiritual chat, readings, or just plain silliness! 0 English
News Without Karens (or Kens) and Personal Threats 3 thousand years from now there will be statues still standing of Zelensky, as there are statues standing still now of Leonidis when he faced the vast numbers and might of the Persian Empire with his 300 Spartans. And Zelensky's only "hot gate" the Russians could not take was Freedom. But there will be no statues of Obama, the Clintons, Joe and Hunter Biden, Putin, or Xi 0 English
Parlor Chat [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#0066FF;b;] Where good friends meet. [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#330000;b;] Where silliness,insanity and fun are encouraged. [br] (wn) [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#FF0600;b;] Welcome to Parlor Chat! [br] [br] Please read the welcome note upon entering as it will inform you when room owner will be present for chat. Thank you! 0 English
Rocks mr sawhorse welcome, if you suffer from TDS , take the RED pill 0 English
SizzleRadio Chat Welcome to (sz) Chat Room!! :~ Hang With Us & Tune (8) Into the :~(r*) Amazing Shows! (ds) 0 English
social misfits [style ff:Tahoma MS;co:#FF0000;b;i;] ^^: Come join us if you feel like you're a Social Misfit! (wn)[/style] [style ff:Comic Sans MS;co:#DC00AD;b;] (hph)(djs) *******(sz) Supported ******* (djs)(hph) [/style][style ff:Tahoma MS;co:#0053DC;b;;] Come see what SocialMisfits has to offer @ [/style] [style ff: Comic Sans MS;co:#0DDC00;b;] [/style] 0 English
The Craypot Fun chat :d Remember to tip the owners :d Dress Optional ;) If you ain't here to chat, you ain't here. 0 English
The Island of Helisto on Gor In the House of Talarius 0 English
The Retreat the non gorean home of Thorn and passion 0 en-en
The Ties that bind 18+ ADULTS ONLY PLEASE, . COME ON IN AND ENJOY 0 English
Ustopia 0 en-en
Vendara of Gor GOREAN roleplay. Welcome all who come in peace to the oldest Gorean City on Buzzen! Please be at least 18 years in profile. Post an entrance for RP participation, or just say "Tal!" Minimum OOC, respect Whisper prefs and enjoy your time here! Group links: and 0 English
VernasHideAway Welcome to VernasHideAway. Be respectful and we'll get along just fine. Ask Before whispering. 0 English
Yodas The end result of rightism is chaos; the end result of leftism is dictatorship. 0 English
_Escape for a Bit Escape reality and explore with like-minded people 0 en-en
AmbianceMonteregie Bienvenu dans le salon AmbianceMontérégie 2020, 0 français
Extreme Kicking Experience Kicking In Progress, if you don't like it...Leave now. You may be kicked for no reason at all. If there is a problem please Contact the owners of this chat and they are Frank, DJ_Ghost, and DJ_RobJRocks [kicking someone because you do not like them is not allowed, if you are not an admin DO NOT do it or face a ban.] Do we make ourselves clear? - Thanks, E.K.E Management. 19 English
Extreme Kicking World 4 English
pony 4 English
Sanitarium 4 English
A Florida Chat 21+ and ask before whispering,and PLEASE be nice!:D PLEASE NOTE:This is an adult room,therefore adult language IS used ;) 2 English
Word Frenzy [br] (cscene)(cscene)(cscene)[br] Word Frenzy [br] (cscene)(cscene)(cscene) 2 en-gb
[Wiz4rds_Doma1n] 2 English
Arabia (F)Welcome(F) 1 English
Extreme Coders World 1 English
Jeremy 1 English
RedWizard 1 English
Twisted-Talks 1 English
wiz4rdtestingstuff 1 English

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