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Spirit Radio To Listen To Us Please Click The Link: 8 English
Jeremy 6 English
Sanitarium 4 English
ChainScriptz 3 English
!!!!!!GetRealComputingSolutions 2 English
Askmen 2 English
A Florida Chat SUPERTRIVIA!24-7:D,21+ and ask before whispering,and PLEASE be nice!:D PLEASE NOTE: This is an adult room, Therefore adult launguage IS used ;) 2 en-gb
EspressoBar_2 [style ff:Lucida Sans Unicode;co:#FFFFFF;b;][style bgco:#000000;] All [/style][style bgco:#FFFFFF;] [/style][style bgco:#00ca00;] Welcome [/style][style bgco:#FFFFFF;] [/style][style bgco:#000000;] To [/style][style bgco:#FFFFFF;] [/style][style bgco:#00ca00;] Join [/style][style bgco:#FFFFFF;] [/style][style bgco:#000000;] Our [/style][style bgco:#FFFFFF;] [/style][style bgco:#00ca00;] Insane [/style][style bgco:#FFFFFF;] [/style][style bgco:#000000;] Little [/style][style bgco:#FFFFFF;] [/style][style bgco:#00ca00;] World... [/style] [/style][br][br][style co:#FFFFFF;bgco:#FF0000;b;]    Only Chatters Aged 18 & Over Are Allowed In This Room    [/style] 2 English
G2X come on in : _) 2 en-en
Johnnys Bar 2 English
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY ORIGINAL STEAM ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEN 18OVER & INVITED LADIEz ESP-y TINA FROM VA MOST WELCOME (Y) 1 English
!!!SeXy~WoMeN~WhO~WaNnA~GeT~NaUgHtY 1 English
Amizades Sem Fronteiras 1 English
Arabia (F)Welcome(F) 1 English
AVAA 1 English
Cantinho Das Amizades 1 English
Gor - Port Kar This is Gor. Your actions will dictate your experience here. 1 en-en
HostageChambers The cold, dark chambers of HT and his hostages 1 en-en
The Golden Tarn Gorean Gambling House, City of Helmutsport, on the Streets of Coin, facilitates both RoG and Gor, in RoG it acts as a trading post and safe haven for those who are in need of it. 1 en-en
VAGUADA (fsp) [style bold;co:#B40404;b;]NI MARUJAS, NI MARUJOS, Y YA... (shr) (fsp) 1 English
[Wiz4rds_Doma1n] 1 English

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