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Screwed Again Come in when you need to blow off steam. Or you might try just talking about whatever is on your mind. 0 English
SPQR - Agrum Romanum [style ff: Times;co:#910823;b;] Exploring fluvium magnus Nilus ~ 125 BCE. [/style][br] 0 English
SPQR - Insulam Capreae septentrio [style ff: Times;co:#008080;b] Island home of Senator Acutus and his dilecta Mánŏn, Marina Grande bay ~ 125 BCE. [/style][br] 0 English
SPQR - Stadium Romanum [style ff: Times;co:#FF0000;b;] Circus Maximus, Romae ~ 125 BCE. [/style][br] 0 English
SPQR - Urbis Romae [style ff: Times;co:#910823;b;] The Via Appia villa of Senator Agrit Aemilius Acutus and Mánŏn Valeria Veris ~ 125 BCE. [/style][br] 0 English
The Barrens This is a Gorean room 18+ only this is the home of the Yellow Knives Savages tread lightly 0 English
The Chronic Pain Cooperative THIS IS A SAFE PLACE FOR CHRONIC PAIN! COME JOIN US 0 English
The Gorean Frontier (Gorean RP) Gorean Frontier is comprised of Boswell Pass, Fort Haskins and the edge of the Barrens. To participate, an entry post is required. If Obs, please CUP 0 English
Without Exception ☯ This room is supportive to all spirituality. Healing, Readings, Divine Messaging, Grief Support, Dream Interpretations, NDE and Paranormal is discussed. What if: you felt a presence, saw/talked too an apparition or extraterrestrial, felt different, journeyed, visiting earth, on a mission from a higher realm ~ Why not share your story ☯ 0 en-en
Extreme Kicking Experience 48 English
Extreme Coders World 28 English
Jeremy 9 English
Bigs Lounge 5 English
fantasista 5 English
Sanitarium 5 English
IdleRPG [style ff:Tahoma;co:#000000;b;]THIS - IS - IDLERPG [br] [/style][style ff:Tahoma;co:#000000;]RPG game to merely gaining levels by idle, players are leaders of FOB bases and army's. Goal is to keep the world nuclear free. note all is automatic, you just idle. You can name your FOB base anything you like, and rule a amazing army, Everyone welcome, even Little Billy. 4 English
Script Portal 4 English
Staying In Today (ip) Come on in if ya like, "We are not a Glum Lot" This is a Recovery Room for those seeking it.(ip) 4 English
!!!!!!!!!!!!BABES_WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 English
GGG 3 English
Ironwood Academy By special invitation only… 3 en-en
EL CÍRCULO MÁGICO (*)(r*)(*)(x)(z)SÓLO CON EL CORAZÓN(l)SE PUEDE VER BIEN LO ESENCIAL ES INVISIBLE PARA LOS OJOS(x)(z)(f)(*)(*)(*)(r*)(r*)(r*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(r*)(r*)(r*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(r*)(r*)(r*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(*)(r*)(r*) 3 es-es
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY ORIGINAL STEAM ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 English
!!!!!!GetRealComputingSolutions 2 English
A Florida Chat 2 English
Mystical Visions 2 English
nobody get booted god chat 2 English
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PleasurePalace 1 English
12CHAT 1 English
60sPlus1 1 English
Arabia (F)Welcome(F) 1 English
Askmen 1 English
Chat Evangelico 1 English
Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad Base! 1 English
Johnnys bar 1 English
MY FRIENDS 1 English
red painted toes in pantyhose 1 English
s4nhaha 1 English
The Orange Cat's Condo 1 English

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