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Snow On The Mountain - Onyx Seniors Just Because There Is "Snow On The Mountain" doesn't mean there is no fire in the furnace! This is a social exchange with lively discussions exploring topics of everyday life, love, health, family, travel, religion, politics and fun things focused on topics pertaining to Active Black Senior Living. All topics are welcomed, but must be tasteful and without drama. Be respectful of differing opinions. NO DRAMA! All violators will be immediately ejected from the room. Everyone must register after the first visit. We welcome you! 0 en-en
SPQR - Agrum Romanum [style ff: Times;co:#910823;b;] Exploring fluvium magnus Nilus ~ 125 BCE. [/style][br] 0 English
SPQR - Insulam Capreae septentrio [style ff: Times;co:#008080;b] Island home of Senator Acutus and his dilecta Mánŏn, Marina Grande bay ~ 125 BCE. [/style][br] 0 English
SPQR - Stadium Romanum [style ff: Times;co:#FF0000;b;] Circus Maximus, Romae ~ 125 BCE. [/style][br] 0 English
SPQR - Urbis Romae [style ff: Times;co:#910823;b;] The Via Appia villa of Senator Agrit Aemilius Acutus and Mánŏn Valeria Veris ~ 125 BCE. [/style][br] 0 English
The Chronic Pain Cooperative THIS IS A SAFE PLACE FOR CHRONIC PAIN! COME JOIN US 0 English
The Gorean Frontier (Gorean Roleplay) The Boswell Pass is a corridor linking the Barrens and the "civilized" societies Klim. Rustic and rugged homesteads sprawl throughout the hills and valleys. Largest settlement is Fort Haskins, a merchant town. Post a credible entrance to participate in the role-play! 0 English
Vendara of Gor GOREAN roleplay. Welcome all who come in peace to the oldest Gorean City on Buzzen ~ 20 YEARS Strong! Please be at least 18 years in your profile. Post an entrance for RP participation, or just say "Tal!" Minimum OOC, respect Whisper prefs and enjoy your time here! 0 English
VernasHideAway "Welcome to Verna's Hideaway. Be respectful and we'll get along just fine. Ask before whispering." 0 English
Gor School Come in and talk, learn, discuss Gor 0 en-en
Extreme Kicking Experience 32 English
!Politics Without Borders! [style ff:Trebuchet MS;co:#F70D1A;b;][br][br]”No puppet. No puppet. You’re the puppet.”[br][br][br] 26 English
Extreme Coders World 19 English
!!!!!Coders Den!!!!! 8 English
Regulars Computing Chat 5 English
The Lounge 5 English
Sanitarium 4 English
Staying In Today We are not a Glum Lot" This is a Recovery Room for those seeking it.(ip) 4 English
TT HD [style ff:Arial;co:#0000ff;b;]Our mysterious Secret Society and numerous enchanting worlds is a clandestine community of people with the unique ability to talk with intelligence and discussions beyond this world. [style ff:Arial;co:#d20404;b;] [br][br] - Be Aware you must meet our identification requirements [br] - Requirements are secret. Will you be approved? 4 English
!!!!!!GetRealComputingSolutions 3 English
atomic 3 en-en
GGG come on in : _) geT chatting ! 3 en-en
Harley Quinn's Suicide Squad Base! 3 English
Sativa VS indica 3 English
the Shed a simple place to have fun chatting up about various Lifestyle Dynamics be it BDSM, M/s, D/s, TPE, and all that.... even Vanilla and those Lifes NOT mentioned will be tolerated provided youhave manners to respect others' differences of opinions regarding such you live, wish, seek... 3 en-en
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY ORIGINAL STEAM ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MEN 18 over and INVITED LADIES ESPECIALLY TINA FROM VA (F) 2 en-en
Askmen 2 English
A Florida Chat SUPERTRIVIA!24-7:D,21+ and ask before whispering,and PLEASE be nice!:D PLEASE NOTE:This is an adult room,therefore adult language IS used ;) 2 en-gb
Island Paradise 2 English
Johnnys bar 2 English
Mystical Visions 2 English
Script Portal 2 English
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PleasurePalace 1 English
!!!!!!!!!!!!BABES_WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 English
Arabia (f)Welcome(f) 1 English
Chat Evangelico 1 English
CLOUD 9 1 English
Daryk_Dungeon 1 English
Democratic Round Table 1 English
Gor~Camp~ 1 English
Leave your ugly at the door Its a secret 1 en-en
Masters Private Place 1 English
The Magic Radio 1 English

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